Being a Teacher – The Passion

We experience joy in several ways. The joy of cradling a baby, the joy of being in the arms of a loved one, the joy of Christmas, and so many others. Then there is the joy that you experience when you teach.

They say teaching is a noble profession and rightly so. Being a teacher, I believe, has brought out the best in me. Right from the moment they call you teacher or miss or ma’am to them coming running to you to show you their results and help you carry your teaching aids.

However, what really pulls me to teach is the knowledge that I, as a teacher, have a huge responsibility of carving the future citizens of my country and, thereby, ultimately working for the greater good of the society and the nation as a whole. And, I believe, it must begin at school, this moulding of productive and contributing citizens of a nation.

As a school-going girl myself, I was extremely fond of teaching. Oh I had my own blackboard on which I wrote stuff and acted like I was teaching a class. I remember teaching everything from English Grammar to Geography to Mathematics to Science.

Later, however, as years went by, this passion of mine remained obscured and I didn’t bother looking for it. I got busy with life. Even after I received my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Education, I didn’t give teaching any modicum of thought.

It was only as I neared the end of my Ph.D. (Education) that I consciously started looking for that lost passion – teaching. Possibly, it was the years and years of studying and understanding the education system that made me realise that teaching, indeed, was my true calling. One can make a difference and impact lives in many ways, I want to do it by being a teacher.


About Sandy Chris

I am an academic with a Ph.D. in Education. An avid reader and ardent traveller, I have a penchant for photography and good food.
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