Ph.D.: Not Just a Degree, It’s a (Torturous) Way of Life – Part 5

So, I really could not afford to change my place of research and continued to persevere in terms of completing my research work while at the same time doing those “extra-curricular” stuff. In spite of all the cribbing that I have been doing, I must say that I hardly ever took my research work home. Almost all of it was completed at my chosen place of research.

The other, and slightly more important, outcome of visiting this place regularly was building some solid friendships. Look at what all we did: complained consistently, laughed maniacally, and wiped each other’s tears while still carrying on. Makes the journey worthwhile, I suppose.

Speaking of journey, I think, it’s time I write about my actual research work ’cause hello, why would I be here otherwise?


About Sandy Chris

I am an academic with a Ph.D. in Education. An avid reader and ardent traveller, I have a penchant for photography and good food.
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