Still the Same – Prologue

“Finally!” she thought to herself. “The lights have been dimmed. Everybody is asleep. I can cry now.” And cry she did. Softly. Nobody should know. Or they would ask questions. The answers for which were complicated. There was no way she could explain what she felt, what she went through, what was running through her mind. They would never understand.

How was she ever going to make it? It would be even worse out there. The world was no place for a girl like her. Because she was made to believe that she wouldn’t be accepted. And the reasons? “You’re not beautiful!” “Ah! You’re dark.” “You’re such a fat bull.” Unfortunately, these words were not the only weapons used against her. They also laughed at her. She looked at her parents for support but that didn’t seem to be coming. Maybe they took it as some kind of a joke. And they laughed along never knowing what their daughter thought about all this.

But she went deeper into her shell. Believing that she was a “good for nothing,” she never wanted to come out. At least that way she would avoid all this. Be safe inside. Away from them. She prayed that she die.

This, however, was not meant to be. There were bigger plans in store for her.


About Sandy Chris

I am an academic with a Ph.D. in Education. An avid reader and ardent traveller, I have a penchant for photography and good food.
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