My Nicholas Sparks Story

See, I am a die-hard romantic and all that but I used to be a little, what’s the word, uncertain probably, about indulging in the romance genre when it came to literature. OK yes, I’ve read Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; I’m not averse to the genre, I was just uninterested. These stories didn’t seem real to me. And let me bring to your notice, that I was in a steady, romantic relationship once upon a time and my experiences were nowhere close to what happened in these books.

So, there I was all “I am not interested in reading romance” when I first heard about Nicholas Sparks and his super successful romance books. Also, the films based on his books. I remember dismissing him and getting on with the thrillers, suspense, and mysteries.

It was only after my break-up, and I can’t really put my finger on the reason but it was most probably after watching the movie Message in a Bottle, that I decided to read Nick Sparks. I wanted to know why his books enthralled readers worldwide? What was in there? Would I be able to relate to it?

I borrowed Message in a Bottle from a book shop and boy, oh boy, I was hooked! Now, considering my history with this genre, I never thought I’d get through even the first few chapters but I did. I was so pulled into the book by the amazing and “relatable” writing of Mr. Sparks.

The rest, as they say, is history. Today, I have read and am the proud owner of all the 20 Nicholas Sparks books. I have lent them to my friend, too, making her, in turn, a Nick Sparks fan. And, I’m definitely looking forward to reading more from him.

By the way, did I mention that I still prefer not to read the romance genre? Of course, Nicholas Sparks being the only exception. 😊


About Sandy Chris

I am an academic with a Ph.D. in Education. An avid reader and ardent traveller, I have a penchant for photography and good food.
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2 Responses to My Nicholas Sparks Story

  1. Sindu says:

    Thanks for hooking me on to beautiful romantic books of Nick Sparks…..

  2. Nayan says:

    I think I have always liked this madness in you. Yes, it’s madness.

    But as long as it makes you happy, and it comforts you as a person, I think it should be okay. 😊

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