Losing It: The Gym Saga (Part Two)

And so, like all weight loss enthusiasts, with the dawn of 2016, I joined a gym. I swear I was all geared; determined to show the world that I could do it – lose it. Yeah!

They began by weighing me (goodness, stuck at 80 kg!) and measuring me and chalking out my exercise regime. Monday, abs; Tuesday, upper body; Wednesday, lower body; and it went on. And, let me tell you, I did all that I was asked to do RELIGIOUSLY. But that number still stuck. 80! It was getting to me now. This was a psychological battle for me, remember, and I was on the path to being depressed. They said it would happen but when. I needed to see a drop in that figure!!! I didn’t care (at that point) that I was gaining muscle and all those nice things. My fight was with that digit on the weighing scale (which now, I realize, doesn’t matter – will get to this a bit later).

I worked out and worked out but no, my weight remained where it was. It was frustrating and this continued for some months. Then finally, after four months of turmoil, I managed to lose one kg; you read that, one kilogram. Mind you, I maintained caution when it came to my diet, the usual no sugar, no oil, nothing white. Then what was wrong, I wondered!

In all this frustration, I booked my tickets to Goa. “Chuck everything!” But then, I didn’t know that this trip would turn out to be a life-changer where my weight-loss was concerned. More on this wonderful trip in my next post.

P.S. I personally detest going to the gym and doing those weight training exercises but they make sense really. I do them.


About Sandy Chris

An avid reader and ardent traveller with a penchant for photography and good food.
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