Marriage Material, Am I? – Part Two

OK so, the marriage thing is getting out of hand!!! Almost everybody is working overtime looking for a groom for me. Well, except me but I get the updates . . . No boy yet! And this got me wondering about the other reason (apart from me being too old at 30!) I may probably not be considered marriage material. And that is my education . . . Dang!!!

Before I continue to blabber, let me tell you that I have four degrees already and I am on my fifth and that fifth is Ph.D. Now, what’s the problem here, you may ask? Frankly, I don’t see any! Big deal! However, this made me recall an incident, right after I’d received my B.Ed. degree, where an auntie said the following words to my mother, “Don’t educate her anymore, she won’t get a husband!” Excuse me but huh???

It is unfortunate that our society still thinks the way it does. What has the number of degrees got to do with marriage anyway? I thought marriage was all about love, acceptance, and commitment. Oh wait! Wait just a minute there. Is this about the boy being insecure and all that crap?? Ah! I should’ve known . . .

This is sad. Really, why do we do this to our girls and boys? Why is it that such things even matter when it comes to marriage? I’ll confess that this did bother me. I did wonder if I’d get a man who’d not be bothered about my achievements. But then, I was back to being myself and now, I don’t give a damn!

Oops, still marriage material, am I?


About Sandy Chris

An avid reader and ardent traveller with a penchant for photography and good food.
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