The Amazing Perry Mason

“The rain dripped from the tip of his hat. He waited for her to come out of the apartment. The lights were still blazing bright in there and he watched her shadow move around, an unmistakable gun in her hand. He had to get to her. She was the key to save his client, who had nothing going for him at the moment.”

Perry Mason – the svelte attorney – continues to enthrall readers. Created by the great, Erle Stanley Gardner, the enticing charm of Perry Mason keeps you turning those pages. The way he dives into his cases, from coaxing his clients to be truthful to collecting evidence to cross-examining, Perry Mason will not let you to keep that book down.

A sly mind, a mischievous smile, and his suave personality make him an unforgettable character ever created. Perry Mason is the star of several of Erle Stanley Gardner books. Once you’ve read a book, you’d want to read more. There is no stopping. That’s how much Perry Mason (and Erle Stanley Gardner) captivates (I’ve read at least 50 books!).

To end, here’s what Hamilton Burger (the antagonist in the Perry Mason books) has to say about the attorney (in The Case of the Caretaker’s Cat, 1935), “You’re a better detective than you are a lawyer. When you turn your mind to the solution of a crime, you ferret out the truth.”

2016 - 1

A few Perry Mason books from my collection.


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