The Insider

Let me just say it. I followed cricket only because I had a massive crush on Rahul Dravid. 😉 And then when he got married, as usual, my world was shattered and I never thought I’d watch cricket again!!!!!

Well, cutting out the crap, the game didn’t really fascinate me anymore. Really, I had better things to do. But then, I met a crazy cricket lover, who happens to be my very good friend. And, I know he’ll be beaming with pride after he reads this line, but yeah he re-introduced me to this game. And yes, gifted me this book. 🙂

So, me reading a book on cricket is a big deal, alright . . . And, I truly enjoyed it. Here are my thoughts about the book . . .

“The Insider by Aakash Chopra is a clean, well-written book. I have renewed respect for the game of cricket and the ladies and gentlemen who play this game. I’m still a little weak with the technicalities but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this work. The use of examples by the author makes things pretty clear (coming from the teaching fraternity, I really appreciated this). The snippets and the pictures (with a little tidbits from the pages itself) are also appreciated; a quick info sort of a thing. All in all, a very good read; a must read for cricket fans, those who really admire the game and it’s various facets.”


It was an absolute delight to read this one.


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An avid reader and ardent traveller with a penchant for photography and good food.
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