Heaven on Earth

Oh! Fudge . . .

Yes!!! That’s the name of one of the coolest and cutest dessert places in Mumbai.

Now, fudge, as a dessert, in Mumbai is pretty unique. Usually, we Mumbaikars get our fudge fix from places such as Lonavala, where fudge is actually an in-thing! But now that Oh! Fudge is here, well, my fudge cravings have been taken care off!

Oh! Fudge let’s you indulge not only in fudge by itself (and they have a variety to choose from) but gives you the chance to delight your heart with fudge in the form of sundaes, sandwiches, and shakes. Also, if you’d like to gift fudge (somebody gift me that, please) to a friend or a special someone, Oh! Fudge provides you with alternatives such as gifting the fudge in a cup or jar.

So, the two times that I have been here, I went for shakes. Before I tell you what they consisted of, can I just say that they were sinful and yuuuuuuuuuum!

OK! Back to reality. Here are my shakes:

  • Classic chocolate walnut fudge with digestive biscuits as the topping.

Fudge 1

  • Dark chocolate fudge with hazelnut topped with gems and marshmallows.


Oh! Fudge is a delight, really! You’re happy and you want to celebrate, go have some nice fudge here! You’re sad and you want to just stop thinking, dive into the awesome fudge here. Or else, just go for no reason because, like Oh! Fudge puts it, “It may not be the fudge you need but the fudge you deserve.”

Truly, this is heaven on earth! You’ll keep going here again and again and again . . .


About Sandy Chris

An avid reader and ardent traveller with a penchant for photography and good food.
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