Marriage Material, Am I? – Part One

The buzz word doing the rounds of my house these days is marriage. Shaadi! Yeah. Eeeee how exciting! And, why not talk about me getting married? I’m 30, for heaven’s sake!

So, my mum’s all fired up. Yeah! She’s been scanning the matrimonial section of a weekly religiously, spreading word among relatives (“Koi ladka hai kya nazaar mein?”), visiting those matrimonial places, and oh, praying for me, of course! That’s my mum! I love her. Dad’s dad; chilled to the core. Jab hoga tab hoga! My daddy coolest!

My parents are highly positive that I am good marriage material; they’re hopeful, to say the least! What I do not understand, though, is the apprehension shown by several other personalities (beyond my parents) over me being marriage material. Why??? You got it. Because I am 30!

Yes, a thirty year old! OLD! That’s what I am, so to say. Too old to get a good husband. Huh, what? Can somebody define “good” in that phrase to me? Does it mean:

  • A “young” dude. OK, now I am thoroughly confused!! What like a fresher? Just out of college? That’d be a good husband, eh?
  • A “caring, loving, stable” guy. So, maybe those who’d be classified as “not good” wouldn’t be all of these things?? Hmmm. Yeah, I can’t even think!
  • A prince!!! Wow, anyone who married before turning 30 has a prince for a husband??

What is it about being a day over a particular age that makes me ineligible for marriage? Why, at 30, are my chances of getting a “good husband” so slim that it makes not only my mum but a whole group of aunties worry?

Does age really matter when it comes to marriage? Maybe it does (for some in our society) but so does your happiness. What really matters is if you’re ready to take the plunge! And, now at 30, I think I’m ready. And yes, my age in no way makes me less of “marriage material.” Well erm, I certainly hope my prince charming thinks that way, too. 😉


About Sandy Chris

An avid reader and ardent traveller with a penchant for photography and good food.
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