Being an Adult is Tough

I’d been wanting to lay my hands on Adulthood is a Myth! by Sarah Andersen for quite some time now. And who wouldn’t, considering the crisis we face – adulthood!

Illustrated beautifully, Sarah Andersen depicts the life of an “adult” female through common situations of adulthood. The expectations versus the reality of “adult” behavior in those very situations are what every “adult” would relate to without a doubt. Sarah Andersen manages to strike a chord with her readers because we “adults” are just like her. Take a look.


Ooooo yeah!


So many complaints . . .


Exercising! Hell no!

We all go through what Sarah Andersen has depicted so wonderfully in her book. However, being “adult,” often makes us hide who we truly are. So, you don’t want to leave your bed till one in the afternoon but you can’t do so because, guess what, you’re an “adult.” Ding! You want to hog like a pig but you just sit there eating teeny weeny bites of your small dinner, all because you’re an adult! Dang! And, my favorite: “no complaining” because you’re a freaking adult; get to work! Dong!

Well, being an adult is a tough job, indeed, and Sarah Andersen, through her book has managed to capture this tough job in the most hilarious way! And, that’s the book (and I am its proud owner). And yeah, the title and her sweater are made of felt! Yay!!! Yay!!! Yay!!!


Wait! Was that “adult” behavior???


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An avid reader and ardent traveller with a penchant for photography and good food.
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