Goa Escapades

All I wanted to do was relax. I wanted to go somewhere, away from this hustling and bustling city if only for a short while. And the only place that I could think of was Goa. It’s not like I haven’t been there but this time it just felt like I had to make this trip.

Located on the west coast of India, Goa is a dream destination for tourists from all over the world. But for me, Goa would always be my second home. What with me spending almost two months every year during summer vacations there. But this trip wouldn’t be like those, of this I had made up my mind.

So I packed my bags and boarded my flight to make this short trip. In the next 50 minutes, I was in Goa. The airport here, mind you, was used for defense purposes and so you actually cannot click photographs there. But not to worry, Goa is picturesque as we already know.

Since, I was at Dabolim (the place where the airport is located), I decided to stay at a service apartment in the vicinity of the airport. A nice two bedroom apartment (though I was given access to only one bedroom) was where I stayed.

Bellanzo Premium Sevice Apartments, Dabolim, Goa

Bellanzo Premium Sevice Apartments, Dabolim, Goa (this is where I stayed)

To start with I decided to explore Dabolim and I couldn’t believe how green it was. See for yourself.

Green Dabolim

Green Dabolim (with River Zuari in the background)

Now Dabolim isn’t a connecting point or anything like that. So, if you have to go further south of Goa, it is essential you go to Margoa from where you will get innumerable buses that will take you to the southernmost tip of Goa and even beyond to the neighbouring state of Karnataka. Similarly, if you want to go to North Goa, you need to go to Vasco-da-gama and from there to your destination. Just a note, I used the public transport, the buses specifically, for my trips. It was fun, I must say. Ok, so the next day, I was on my way to Palolem, located in the southern region of Cancona.

Day 2 began with me taking a bus to Margoa and by the time I reached there, I was starving. Fortunately, there are quite a few places that you’d find here serving food ranging from the typical Goan rice and fish curry to Chinese to KFC. I decided to eat some home-cooked food. Take a look.

Rice and fish

Rice and fish

So, with my tummy happy, I then boarded the white-and-blue Kadamba bus to go to Palolem. And the journey was worth it. Yes, the trip was long but I didn’t mind because Goa, I thought, looking outside my bus window, is just amazing.

What do you think?

What do you think?

I finally reached Palolem. But where was the beach? The famous Palolem beach. Walk I did and after being directed by some nice people (oh yeah, I know the language; it helped), there I was at the beach.

Entry to Palolem Beach

Entry to Palolem Beach

Yet unspoilt, this beach is pretty unique. It has a definite shape like a crescent moon. And yes, don’t forget those coconut palms jutting out from among the rocks.

Can you make out the crescent shape? Don't miss the coconut palms.

Can you make out the crescent shape? Don’t miss the coconut palms.

All in all, it was worth the long journey. Palolem beach is pristine and heavenly. That’s the least I can say. A must visit.

I guess I was a tad tired (but definitely happy) and I decided to head back to my apartment. I still had three days to go in this beautiful state of Goa.


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