Week 12 of 2019

All my bags are packed,

I’m ready to go . . .

So sang John Denver but I know what he meant. My ticket’s booked, my bags are packed, and I’m ready to go and begin anew . . . Here’s to a new adventure. Cheers!

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God – A Punching Bag?

So, I was born into a religious family, among people who taught me that (1) there is a GOD, and (2) I must be in awe of this GOD. Sounds pretty standard; most of us are told this. And I used to be extremely religious, too; I did everything that would please this GOD!

As the years passed by, and as a result of this annoying habit of mine of observing people and analyzing every little thing, it struck me that all this talk of awe was in fact an act to scare you. You know, like be afraid of GOD! Just take what’s given to you but no, you cannot question a thing. Yeah, say for instance, I was told that GOD loves those who are coy and obedient but gets angry on those who are rebellious or outspoken. Or if you say your prayers wrong, you’ll be punished! And blah!

But there is something I have been pondering over these last few months, and that is that this very GOD is basically being used as a punching bag. So, there is a calamity, it is the wrath of GOD. Wait, what? Also, if you didn’t fare well in your exam, it must be GOD’s will! But what about the fact that you didn’t study! Did you give that a thought?

It saddens me to see that the most intelligent species does not use the brain (possibly given to them by the same GOD) and chooses to use GOD as a punching bag! Some time back, I read about a preacher who preached with a poisonous snake around his neck, thinking that it won’t bite him because GOD will protect him. I just rolled my eyes for a moment there! Really, are you kidding me? As you may have guessed it, the snake did bite the fool.

Often, we do not wish to take onus for anything unpleasant, and why would we when there is a ready-made punching bag available on the altar or maybe in the sky! In my life, I have rarely seen people who are truly grateful to their GOD. It’s always about asking for favors from and bribing this GOD. And if we do not receive this, what do we say, “Oh! God has something better in store for you?” Really? Only if you’d have applied that brain of yours a bit, you’d probably have got what you wanted! The idea of GOD has all but made us lame – physically and mentally.

I do believe in GOD or a superpower or whatever you’d like to call it but I do not believe in an angry GOD, a picture painted for me by my folks. From invoking GOD ten thousand times in a day to putting the blame on the same GOD, that’s all GOD has become – a punching bag!

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Book 6 of 2019

Name: A Storm of Swords: (2) Blood and Gold

Author: George R.R. Martin

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 610

Publisher: Harper Voyager

My rating: 5/5

Now that I’ve read the second volume of Book 3, I’m left as awed as I was with the first two books. I especially loved the part where Tommen asks if he could stamp the letters (so cute, such innocence), and of course, with the Epilogue I went, “Whoa!”

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Week 11 of 2019

Friends come and go, but there are some who stick through the thick and the thin and everything in between. I have such a friend, who only by her presence lights up everything and me, and I’m going to miss her when I leave. Nevertheless, the best thing that happened this week is I got to meet her. We had one of the best hot chocolates in Bombay at Birdsong – The Organic Café, and we spoke and spoke and spoke.

My friend, Sindhu, has been an important force in my life. We did M.Ed. together, and after that programme was done, which was a matter of less than a year, at least I didn’t think I’d stay in touch. But, I guess, that was not how it was meant to be. In fact, today, Sindhu is the only one who knows me at a deeper level like nobody else does. She knows my darkest thoughts, to say the least. I love her so much.

And, among other things, I may possibly be starting my new job soon. Fingers crossed.

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Week 10 of 2019

The best news . . . I got my police clearance certificate; all clear to take on my new job in a new place. And yes, since I may leave soon, and miss one of my best friend’s birthday, we celebrated it a bit early last night.

Even though I’m scared, I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me. Primarily, hoping I become the teacher I want to be and, in turn, a better person.

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Book 5 of 2019

Name: A Storm of Swords: (1) Steel and Snow

Author: George R.R. Martin

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 625

Publisher: Harper Voyager

My rating: 4/5

I’m one of those who haven’t watched the Game of Thrones, the TV series. But, I’ve also promised myself that I will watch it only after I’m done reading the entire book series, A Song of Ice and Fire. Just simply motivation to read those books. 🙂

Coming to Volume 1 of the third book in the series, I’d say it wasn’t as enticing as the first two. But, maybe, it’s too early in the day to say anything considering I’ve to still read volume 2. Other than that, you can see George R.R. Martin’s sheer brilliance in this book, too.

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Week 9 of 2019

The police verification is done; I’m waiting for a police clearance certificate to set the wheels in motion again.

For me, my career was never steady. I’ve worked as an instructional designer for four years and nine months, not counting the two huge gaps in between. As a result, I’ve always had to restart; same place, again.

Now, that I’m changing my career, it’s, again, so difficult. Education, I have in plenty but to think I don’t have a stable career in place is unsettling. Especially, when you’re used to being independent since the age of nine!

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